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Jishokun - Japanese Dictionary


This is a Japanese - English, English - Japanese dictionary. The app supports Japanese-Japanese, Japanese-English, English-Japanese and synonyms (japanese only). It's very easy to use. Just type in the word you want to look up and press search! You can hear the pronunciation of a word by clicking the play button next to the search button. To hear Japanese, you may have to download extra sound files.There is also a "Kanji dictionary" function. Here, you can search for a kanji by handwriting.To check stroke order of a kanji, select "Stroke order" from the menu.
You can also add words to the wordbook by tapping the ★ button and access them easily by opening the left side menu.If you want to delete a word, just long-press on it.

* This app uses cleardiict/wwwjdict/tatoeba project/denshijisho/ruigohako/wikipedia wwwjdict: nihongo wordnet:
* Kanji recognition by Sam Marshall